Frequently Asked Questions

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1.)  Are diet sodas okay to drink?
2.)  Why does caffeine make me feel better?
3.)  Why do I get a headache if I don't drink my coffee?
4.)  Is one alfalfa product as good as another?
5.)  Are there any "withdrawal" symptoms if I stop my caffeine intake?
6.)  Are soybeans considered legumes?
7.)  What are legumes?
8.)  What do you think about genetically modified food?
9.)  My doctor said that niacin in amounts over 100 mg is lethal...Most B complex vitamins have 100 mg or more. Is he right?
10.)  What do you think of cortisone shots?
11.)  Where can I find unscented soaps and other household items?
12.)  What is the equivalent for a serving of beans?


Can I have a sweet every once in awhile?


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