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Insect Protection

Mosquitoes, biting flies, biting gnats, ticks and chiggers are just some of the common insects that bring us discomfort during the warm summer months. Have you ever noticed how some people are plagued more by these pests than others? If there is a yard full of people, the mosquitoes (or other insects) will draw to some persons more readily than others. Why?

What Attracts the Bugs?

Of course, we know some common attractions that draw our pesky little aggravators. For mosquitoes, heat is the biggest enticement. Mosquitoes are drawn to heat sources. That is why they will more often bite on the face, head and neck area, especially around the temple area of the face. It is here where a major artery passes close to the surface of the skin. Therefore that area is warmer because the presence of blood is closer to the surface of the skin. In fact, most of the blood vessels that nourish the head, face, and neck pass closely to the skin, making these areas the most alluring to hungry mosquitoes, biting flies, and biting gnats. These insects are on a quest for blood and they instinctively know that blood is found where there is warmth. The more warmth, the better the access to the blood source.

Besides Heat

There are other factors besides heat that influence the bugs to pester some people more than others. Our type of clothing can allow or repel insects. If you are walking through the woods and tromping through the meadows in sandals and a pair of shorts, the ticks and chiggers are more likely to make you a home and host than the person that is wearing long pants, socks and boots. But this issue of clothing, although practical, is not nutritionally related. I think we all know that we need to use clothing as a protective measure against insects. What I want to address is nutritional insect protection.

The Mantle

All of us have a "mantle" on our skin. This mantle is usually slightly acidic thus killing instantly many germs (bacteria) that come in contact with our skin. It is one of the protective measures that God designed to keep us from being overwhelmed with harmful bacteria that could cause much sickness. This mantle is formed by the internal fluids from our bodies. In other words, this covering or coating is not something we apply onto our skin like a lotion or cream. We do not have to make any effort to apply this natural mantle. Our body is constantly spreading this mantle across every square millimeter of our skin. The basic composition of this mantle is the same for all people, however there are several variations of components in the mantle which can influence the actions of pesky insects.

We Smell and Taste Like What We Eat

What we eat has a direct and strong effect on the mantle. The components of certain foods and nutrients become part of the mantle. These components strongly influence an insect and their actions. If you smell or taste "bad" to a marauding mosquito, the mosquito is likely to leave you alone and go in search of other prey. Only the hardiest and most stubborn of mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, and chiggers will continue to plague you when the mantle on your skin is of a composition that is repulsive to them.

Stinky to Bugs, Stinky to People?

I know you are wondering, does this mean that I will exude an odor that will be repulsive to people? What a way to win friends and influence people! No, our goal here is to make the mantle unpleasant to insects that may try to bite you, not to make you the most talked about person in town because of your odoriferous qualities.

The Bitter B's

The B vitamins (there are eight of them) are nutrients whose components find their way into the mantle on the skin. The B vitamins are extremely bitter. Their bitterness is a deterrent to insects. It has been my observation through the years that those who exhibit signs of B vitamin deficiencies have more than the normal amount of trouble with biting and blood-sucking insects. It has also been my observation that those who are supplementing with the B complex vitamins have significantly less trouble with these troublesome insects. Because of our highly refined American diets, the B vitamins are utilized in greater amounts in the metabolization of our foods. That leaves less of the B vitamins for other functions, including the constitution of the mantle on the skin.


Garlic is very effective in repelling insects. Persons who have a regular intake of garlic are distasteful to bugs. When eaten, garlic will become part of the mantle on the skin. It also, like the bitter B vitamins circulates in the blood stream, making the very taste of the blood unpleasant to the bugs. It is not necessary to consume large amounts of garlic to make oneself unpalatable to insects. Just one to two cloves of garlic a day is sufficient. At this intake, you will not have to worry that you will smell like a garlic factory to the rest of the world. If you choose not to take the garlic by mouth, you may rub a clove of cut or crushed garlic on the exposed areas of your skin. It is very effective when applied to the skin in this way.

Nutritional Side Benefits

I need to mention that if you decide to go the internal route—that is taking the B complex vitamins and garlic by mouth, you will reap the reward of side benefits. The B vitamins and the garlic will reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, as well as a whole list of other ailments. They also aid in building your immune system. You would really be killing two bugs (or is that birds?) with one stone: preventing bites from insects and building your health.

Compared to Other Remedies

The other remedies that are employed such as the perfumed lotions or creams as well as insect repellents that contain ingredients that are detrimental to our health are not really good choices. These preparations actually put a stress on our immune system. Absorption through the skin does happen, causing our bodies to fight against the toxins in these products. This adds one more straw to the load on the camel's back. Our immune systems already carry a heavy load—we certainly don't need to add to it.

Our Goal

If we can affect two things 1) the natural odor and taste of our skin as well as 2) taste of our blood, making both less desirable or even objectionable to hungry insects, we will deter all but the most determined and hardy of insects. Because we can do this through nutritional means that actually aid and assist our immune systems as well as preventing disease, instead of burden our immune system, it is a solution that I highly recommend for everyone. See below for a summary and specifics on how to apply this nutritional solution.

Plan for Preventing Pesky Insects from Biting


• Take one clove of garlic daily. If minced, this is approximately 1/2 teaspoon of garlic. You may take garlic tablets if desired. Two garlic tablets usually equal one clove. If the bugs are especially attracted to you, take two cloves of garlic daily, or 4 tablets of the garlic product.

• Take 2 tablets of a B-complex product. This product is balanced with all eight of the B vitamins and is properly formulated to be the most effective. Take with a meal as the B vitamins work best with food. If the bugs are especially attracted to you, take 3 tablets of the B complex product.


• Rub a clove of crushed or cut garlic on the exposed areas of your skin. Pay special attention to the neck, wrists, and ankles. Don't rub the garlic on your face. It is strong and can cause the sensitive face area to sting.

- A Note About the Plans for Healing -

You will notice that the Plans for Healing on my various articles as published on my web site include the use of supplements (in the majority of cases). I have included them at this time because most of the people that access my web site, I never have the opportunity to speak to personally. Therefore, I cannot address each person's particular situation as it warrants. The supplements will certainly help, however, be aware that food alone can cure, without the use of supplements.

In fact, it is my goal to be able to see healing with food alone. In my private practice, where I counsel clients individually, it is only occasionally that I might recommend the use of supplements. Food is powerful. As Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be food." That is also my philosophy.

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