Nutritional Support Groups

Several Karen R. Hurd Nutritional Practice clients have started client-led support groups. Each support group has different meeting times and methods, but the basic principle remains the same: to encourage each other in healthy eating. Some groups have potluck meals together, some discuss tips and tricks they've picked up through their work with Karen R. Hurd Nutritional Practice, LLC, and others share their health stories.

New members to these groups are welcome. To join a support group, please contact the group leader as listed here. If you have started a support group, please let our office know at so that we can add your contact information. Let's stick together, and live healthily!

Ellsworth, WI Area
One-on-One Encouragement
Denny & Gayle Dodge, and Jane Nelson
Shell Lake, WI Area
Tammy Holman
All areas & Wilton, CA Area
One-on-One Encouragement,
Support Group, & Facebook

Jenny Hartstrom
Enter into the Facebook search bar...
"The Fountain of Youth: A Nutritional
Support Group"
All areas & Rockland, WI Area
One-on-One Encouragement
Pam Benson
Eau Claire, WI Area
In-Person Group
Lisa Sylvester, Terra Peloquin,
& Elizabeth Gerard
All Areas
One-on-One Encouragement
Jayne Sweet
Available Evenings and Weekends

Hayward, WI Area
In-Person Group
Arnie and Debra Nelson

New Paris, IN Area
Support Group
Willard Miller


Support Group Guidelines

Are you interested in leading a support group? Do you want to join a group but you want to know a little more about what support groups do and don't do before you join? If so, please see the Support Group Guidelines below our office has put together for support groups and their leaders.

Support Group Guidelines


Contact Karen at or the office phone (715) 877-3510.

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